The FC Europa Showcase Division is designed to give our high school age players an opportunity to compete at a very high level, both locally and nationally. A Showcase player is confident in his or her technical abilities, has developed a deep soccer knowledge, and is physically and mentally prepared for any challenges thrown their way. We are proud that our Showcase players have competed at the national level and been accepted into strong collegiate soccer programs year after year.


College Recruiting Coordinator - John Gregg

College Night Presentation

  • Preparing for the Recruiting Process
  • Could you play at the college level?
  • Criteria for Picking a School
  • Getting Noticed by a College Coach on and off the Field
  • Scholarships, Money and Division Levels
  • Recruiting Letters and Following Up
  • NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Player Profiles
  • College Visits, Camps and Clinics
  • Download a copy of the Presentation


College Recruiting Showcase Tournament School Excused Absence Request Form

Recruiting 101 by John Gregg

  • Criteria for picking a school
  • Player Profiles
  • NCAA Scholarships
  • How to Get Noticed by College Coaches
  • How to Get Noticed on the Field by College Coaches
  • How to Write a College Recruiting Letter
  • NCAA Clearinghouse


I took this role to give all the families at FC Europa insight into the college recruiting process. It is very important to me as they continue to develop into college players, that they have a clear sight as to everything impacting the decision of the player and school. I have had a background of going through the recruitment process myself, and was left with the difficult decision many of our players make. I want to be able to explain all the reason to decide on a school, and lead them to success on and a positive collegiate experience off the field as well.


I also went on to play in college and can give a firsthand experience of what it was like. How the expectations will be raised from club ball, how to make the best transition on the field and socially at school. I will be very honest about the commitment it takes on the field in the class room.


My goal is to allow every player at FC Europa an honest look at what the possibility of playing in college will look like. From there I will work with the players, families, and coaches to fully display the abilities of the player. I will use and expand upon a well-established collection of college coaches to address their needs with the quality players FC Europa produces. Just as important, I will work with the players and families to ensure the schools the player is looking at to ensure a quality experience, education and lifestyle at whatever school they decide to attend.

John Gregg