Boy/Girls Director – Barry Davey, Director of Coaching -

College Recruitment Coordinator – John Gregg -

The FC Europa Showcase Division is designed to give our high school age players an opportunity to compete at a very high level, both locally and nationally. A Showcase player is confident in his or her technical abilities, has developed a deep soccer knowledge, and is physically and mentally prepared for any challenges thrown their way. We are proud that our Showcase players have competed at the national level and been accepted into strong collegiate soccer programs year after year.

The FC Europa Showcase program is a year-round program, which generally includes the following:

  • Summer/Fall: Training 1x week. Training during this time period is reduced due to the fall high school soccer schedule and has historically been held on Sunday evenings
  • Late Fall: Training 2-3x week; 2-3 college showcases
  • Winter: Training 2-3x week; possibly Indoor State Cup; 3-5 college showcases
  • Spring/Early Summer: Training 2-3x week; Outdoor State Cup (EPYSA and US Club); 3-5 college showcases; League play (e.g., EDP, region 1 and APL)

Tournaments for Showcase players may involve substantial travel, including overnight stays. For teams in the Showcase Division, there is no guaranteed playing time. Coaches will aim to provide a fair amount of playing time for all players, based on what they have earned, taking into account player attitude, skills, commitment, compatibility and fitness.

Showcase players recognize soccer as their primary sport, and are expected to honor their team commitments, especially key events like state cup games and tournaments.