Background Clearances for Team Volunteers

Volunteer team managers and assistant coaches are required to obtain certain background check clearances and submit them to the club.  

Volunteers who have lived in PA for all of the past 10 years need to print and sign a Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers (valid for 5 years)

Volunteers who have not lived in PA for all of the past 10 years need to obtain FBI clearance via Applicant Fingerprinting Online Services (valid for 5 years)

If you previously provided these clearances to the club and they are still valid, you do not need to re-submit them to the club.  For example, if you obtained the clearances that are valid for 5 years in 2015 and submitted them to the club in 2015, you do not need to submit them again until 2020. Nonetheless, all volunteers must complete the other steps each year and complete the club's volunteer registration form.  If you have questions, please send an email to admin@fceuropa.org


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